My Go To Spam Plugin For WordPress

I don’t know why I didn’t consider it when setting up this site. My other blog, Renegade Feminist had quite a lot of comment spam before I turned off comments and added in Facebook comments instead. Even that didn’t fix it because I still got a few spam comments on my about page here and there.


So, when I first installed¬†buddypress on this site and clicked the button to allow anyone to sign up I went away for half a day and came back to hundreds of spam registrations, spam comments and spam groups created! I was horrified! It was a head slap moment right away, but that didn’t mean I knew what to do. All I knew was I had to fix it immediately so I went looking to Mr. Google for the best fix and ultimately ended up with WP SpamShield. It has so far blocked an average of 759 spams per day!

WP SpamShield has literally been a god send for this site. Well, it has literally been the best plugin anyway. And it’s free. The other one I was going to try was not free after the first 30 days but this one has been so good, I’m probably going to donate. They deserve it!

What have you used to combat spam?

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