We love blogging. And we love great content.

In fact, our goal here is to help the all bloggers create and distribute great content. And that’s where you come in. This website, and the blog that goes with it, is a collaborative project. We want to share all the great ideas with each other.

We want to publish your content about:

  • How to find ideas for a post
  • Your favorite social media network
  • Social media tips; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.
  • Planning social media posts
  • SEO tips
  • WordPress plugins you love
  • Any other ideas related to blogging and marketing your blog!

We like blog posts that:

  • Are awesomely written.
  • Have at least one amazing image.
  • Are useful to your fellow bloggers blogging needs.
  • Are written first and foremost for sharing useful information with your fellow bloggers, with linkbacks and SEO as secondary motivations.

If you have great, useful content to share, get in touch! Even if it’s been published on your blog, we will make sure you’re not penalised by correctly attributing your blog as the original source. See this post for more info on Syndicated Content.

We will promote your post and your blog on social media once the post goes live and you will promote your post on our blog as well and we’ll all benefit from the extra exposure. We don’t pay for posts and we don’t accept payment for posts, we just publish relevant and useful information.

BY the bloggers, FOR the bloggers and OF the bloggers!

Make sure you register as a user and then send us a message. We can’t wait to work together!

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