Holistic Digital marketing

When I began learning about search engine optimisation I, like many people I think, assumed it was something an expert does to your site that magically just makes it work better and so would get to the top easier.  Now I know better; there are specific seo tasks you can do to your website to help it rank, but content marketing, social media, non internet marketing and doing a good job in your business all contribute to your ranking in Google. This is why I like to refer to it as holistic digital marketing; all of these things contribute to each other in a big spider web of effort and planning.

  1. Non-internet marketing – getting out there in the real world to network and support kids sports teams, and things like that can help you grow your networks
  2. Content marketing – if you didn’t know, seo these days is more about getting links to your content than it used to be. Title tags and alt tags and keyword density are one thing but Google just wants you to create great content that people want to link to. Then you’ll rise in the rankings.
  3. Doing business well – word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to grow your business. You can harnessing this through connecting with them on social media. Perhaps you will get some links from some of them to your blog and other content.
  4. Social media – networking with as many people as you can increases your reach far and wide. You make friends, share each others content, get links and gain customers.

Featured image courtesy Victoria Nevland

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