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I still have my first (15 year old) copy of Guerilla Marketing and Seth Godin is still one of my favourite business personalities to follow. His common sense groundedness crossed with a bit of zany fun is hard to beat, and why not!? Go back and read that same book now and it’s almost useless and totally uninspiring. But I still remember how excited I felt reading about these ideas of his and it started me off on this path of educating myself.

Richard Branson inspires me, mostly because of his not-well-received reality TV series Rebel Billionaire. I remember being really impressed about how cool the CEO of a billion dollar corporation could be. Reading his book Losing My Virginity was only more inspiring as he paints a story about setting his own path, following his own instincts and making his own mistakes.

Finally, Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer with big ideas, big bold strokes and bolder colours. How someone with the kind of ideals I hold could not like her I do not know. She’s an absolute icon.

These are my inspirations to be laid-back and grounded, but always creative and fun, remembering to also be bold and brave. Who are yours?

Tiffany Bray
Chief Experience Architect here at She is an introvert, blogger, digital marketing enthusiast and parent trying to bring all bloggers together under one roof to network, discuss and enjoy each other.

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