Creative Inspiration

I still have my first (15 year old) copy of Guerilla Marketing and Seth Godin is still one of my favourite business personalities to follow. His common sense groundedness crossed with a bit of zany fun is hard to beat, and why not!? Go back and read that same book now and it’s almost useless and totally uninspiring. But I still remember how excited I felt reading about these ideas of his and it started me off on this path of educating myself.

Richard Branson inspires me, mostly because of his not-well-received reality TV series Rebel Billionaire. I remember being really impressed about how cool the CEO of a billion dollar corporation could be. Reading his book Losing My Virginity was only more inspiring as he paints a story about setting his own path, following his own instincts and making his own mistakes.

Finally, Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer with big ideas, big bold strokes and bolder colours. How someone with the kind of ideals I hold could not like her I do not know. She’s an absolute icon.

These are my inspirations to be laid-back and grounded, but always creative and fun, remembering to also be bold and brave. Who are yours?

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