Marketing – it’s more fun than losing weight!

Is marketing more fun than losing weight? Well I love marketing and I love food so I would say it’s a loud and clear “YES!” for me. However, not everyone is like me so I asked some small business owners I know to see what they thought.


Mmmmmm pizza!

Jan Bastard of Motherlylove natural oils for pregnant women, has had less trouble than I in the pursuit of weight loss, “It is a challenge to get exposure due to larger companies,” she says, but she knows they both demand great deals of persistence “Keep going – It takes time and look at every opportunity. Listen and learn from other people’s success and failures. Keep smiling and thank people.” Indeed, both take a concerted daily effort and those human connections are so important. Rebecca of Savvy Mums Business agrees “It’s definitely more fun! I really enjoy online marketing, connecting with others and sharing useful information. But it’s also trial and error, a bit like trying to lose weight! Just don’t give up, keep trying new tactics and you’ll get there in the end.” 


Motherlylove natural oils

“Anything is more fun than losing weight!” says Colette Ogle of East Norwich Acupuncture. Ain’t that the truth! Being hungry and snappy, saying no to the biscuit, is not much fun at all in my opinion.

Gemma says about marketing, “It’s more creative! We all know moving your body, eating wholesome, nutritious foods and drinking water is the key to losing weight but marketing is a constantly evolving unknown experiment!” she runs 123 YogaTree, fun, light-hearted yoga sessions for kids and families in Norwich. Indeed, this is what I love most, every day is something different.

Gemma Page of 123 Yoga Tree

“Because you can promote your business the way you want quickly but can’t promote the way you want to look (weight) as quickly!” says Serena Fordham of Serena Fordhams PA Services. She’s got a point too. You can get instant gratification from a tweet that gets retweeted or a Facebook post that gets likes and shares, but not eating requires blind faith for a lot longer doesn’t it?

Instant feedback in social media keeps us going. Radoslawa Olewicz agrees “because boomerang / yoyo effect is good,” when it comes to marketing but not at all with weight loss. Radoslawa’s website, Roroism is where she promotes and sells her handmade jewelry and accessories. 



“It propels my business forward and enables growth plus I try to inject humour into my marketing too” says Sam of Iridescence. And everyone knows there’s nothing funny about starving yourself everyday! Sam’s vintage inspired jewellery and accessories website is one I’ve had to limit my browsing on because I want it all, which isn’t unlike all the food blogs I visit when I’m hungry!

“Thinking about better ways to market your business/being creative. I guess it depends on whether you enjoy that sort of thing!” Sarah Shipley of Mae and Mabel, pop up women’s boutique. That’s what it comes down to really isn’t it? Many, if not most small business owners have chosen a market that excites us. Our core business is what we want to be doing most, but we need to find ways to enjoy talking about our business with everyone around us. We need to find a way to make everyone else excited too. Marketing, losing weight, either might come easily to some people and feel impossible to others. Often it comes down to doing it in small chunks, one step at a time. It can be done, if you stay focused and keep on going!

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